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Core Services

Grand Oriental

  • » Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment (FF&E)
  • » Volume Natural Stone and Quartz Surface Production
  • » Custom and Volume Wood-Working
  • » Quality Product Sourcing
  • » Freight Management
  • » Installation Oversight
  • » Project Management & Consultation

The world of procurement, sourcing and supply chain management can often times appear daunting.

At Grand Oriental, we delve into each clients' needs with passion and will bring clarity and life into projects from start to completion. From the inception of your project, we strive to develop a relationship that supports your go. We aim to deliver a design experience that is remarkable on every level. Through our work, we strive to fulfill even the most complex of requirements and follow through with utmost care and detail for each job we implement. We aim to create memorable experiences for those whom we seek to serve.

How We Get It Done

Our Project Specialists work first to understand you, your business, as well as your key outcomes and walk alongside you throughout the entire process, from design to implementation. Our team has a diverse background and global expertise that provides us with a broad view of the needs of today’s clients and their aesthetical expectations of comfort, style, beauty, charm, and unique soft touches. We are here to help you meet and exceed those expectations.

We understand that time is your most valuable resource and costs matter for every project. We focus our work around discovery, solution engineering, review, selection, and implementation to deliver the best solutions to meet the specific needs of your project with quality and care. Whether you are developing Select Service Hotels, Boutiques, Luxury Full-Service Accommodations to apartments and condominiums ranging from Entry Level to Luxury, we are here to help you achieve your goals, as well as assist with brand specifics. 

We have more than three decades of experience and have honed our processes through hundreds of projects and are continually learning and adapting to new challenges to support your project team. Our experience with many internationally acclaimed brands, as well as suppliers in the industry, allows us to deliver quality, value, and unique solutions for every project.

We are here to help present or enhance your signature aesthetic to your patrons.

Where We Are

Our headquarters are in Columbia, SC and the United Arab Emirates and our primary services areas include, but are not limited to China, India, Malaysia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, the United States, and North America. 

  • Continental Division (the United States and Greater North America)
  • Voyager Division (UAE, China, India, Malaysia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and beyond)

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

You name it, and we have probably done it or will figure out how to get it done. We have extensive experience in procuring and developing lighting fixtures, headboards, media consoles, wardrobes, desks, cabinets, sofas, tables, ergonomic chairs, artwork, and much more.

These combined experiences offer our clients a superior level of detail in meeting or exceeding the expectations of brand specifics, as well as the opportunity to work with specialty vendors for custom products and value engineering where available. 

Custom Manufacturing

Our resources also include state of the art custom manufacturing solutions for standard and premium natural stone and quartz surfaces, as well as wood-working, allowing us to create whatever you and your team can imagine. Our Product Specialists source, fabricate, and craft products to your specifications in our in-house production facilities to ensure consistency, quality, and value in all that we do.

Learn more about us based on your region and needs:

  • Continental Division (the United States and Greater North America)
  • Voyager Division (UAE, China, India, Malaysia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Vietnam)

Recent Projects

For more information or to connect with us about your project in any region:

Call us at 803.699.1120 or email contact@adamandassociatesgroup.com