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AitalMAC, a leader in stone processing machines, encompasses a range of equipment created by Italy’s Toniolo family, with more than three decades of manufacturing expertise. AitalMAC, founded in 2003, has consistently offered quality, precision, efficiency, and value pricing to ensure a faster and higher return on investment. Our machines, designed for modern stone processing, are compact, user-friendly, and energy-efficient.

As we design each product, we take into consideration a foundation of data and insights through research and development, as well as consultations with our clients to ensure that we are continually delivering the best investment in terms of production capacity, as well as how it impacts the core of efficient stone processing.

Our machines will enhance your work through a cleaner and more straightforward process to speed up workflows and turnaround times, as well as improve the quality of each finished product that leaves your facility.

We know the stone industry and are professionals who have worked in retail, templating, fabrication, and installation, so we understand the importance of time and money. We continue to push ourselves to offer the tools that you need to support your vision. Our machines, powered with our in-house operating system built on UNIX, provide speed, agility, and stability, which includes onboard technology that allows you to deliver more customization, as well as reduce waste.

Equipped with a hardware monitoring system, similar to those used by the aviation industry, each machine is available for 24/7 remote diagnostics, troubleshooting, and guidance by our customer assistance team to ensure that you are always supported.

Furthermore, we use plug & play components to design and build our machines so that we are not in the business of parts and mark-ups. And this allows you to get the needed parts locally so that you and your technicians can replace most any worn part with ease and cost-efficiency.

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The DMS One is a game-changer to any production facility looking to hone in on accuracy and speed up turn-around time by giving the ability to send drawings from the job-site directly to production.

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The KT12 is a great addition to production facilities of any size as a first step into modernization and automation or an additional CNC Sink Center to keep each project moving and on schedule.

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EPR 3500

The EPR 3500 is a powerhouse at polishing a variety of edges and increases the amount of linear feet polished in a day to keep jobs ready for your installers and reducing the need for polishing on job-sites.

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Orbit A5 Sawjet

The Orbit A5 SawJet is a robust waterjet to transform your production capabilities with power to keep your simplest of jobs running like clockwork and the finesse to care for the most intricate details on custom jobs that require extra care.

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Orbit A5 Bridge Saw

The Orbit A5 Bridge Saw provides the technologically advanced stone cutting center that you need to keep production running smoothly and expediently.

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Orbit B5 Bridge Saw

The Orbit A5 Bridge Saw provides the technologically advanced stone cutting center that you need to keep production running smoothly and expediently.

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MST 350

This revolutionary machine combines the brawn of a heavy-duty miter saw and the finesse of a 3-head flat edge polisher, all-in-one. This workhorse of a machine is perfect for shops with little extra space.

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KT32 Kitchen Top

The KT32 is a robust 3-Axis CNC built to cut and polish any sink cutout and keep your production facility operating efficiently.

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KT38 Kitchen Top

The KT38 is a powerful 3-Axis CNC machine, designed to be the ideal stoneworking center.

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KT48 Kitchen Top

Kitchen Top CNC KT48 is a 3-Axis CNC machine with excellent performance and powerful functions, designed to be the ideal stoneworking center, beginning with kitchen sink cutouts and so much more.

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